Eddy’s of Canowindra is located at 13 Tilga Street, Canowindra and is approximately 4 hours from Sydney and only 2 ½ hours drive from Canberra.  Once in Canowindra, there are many other great tourist destinations within a short drive for you to visit.

The historic township of Canowindra is located on the Belubula River in the central west of New South Wales. Canowindra derives its name from the indigenous Wiradjuri Aboriginal word meaning ‘home’ or ‘camping place’.

Canowindra’s famous crooked main street features many historic buildings providing accommodation, food, coffee, art and old wares, with quintessential old pubs scattered along it’s route.

In October 1863 bushranger Ben Hall and his gang, including Johnny Gilbert, took over Robinson’s Hotel in Canowindra, taking the town’s residents hostage for a three day-long celebration. It is reputed that the gang treated their hostages well and even covered the expenses of their party. Today the Royal hotel stands on the site of the Hotel where Ben Hall’s gang had their spree.

In 1955, roadworks near Canowindra uncovered a large rock slab covered with unusual impressions, which was then placed to the side of the road whilst roadworks continued. A local apiarist later found this slab, believed it to contain fossils, and contacted the Australian Museum about it. in 1993 Paleontologist Dr Alex Ritchie led a dig at the site of the initial fossil discovery. That dig led to the removal of 70 tonnes of rock slab and revealed over 3,000 fish fossils from the Devonian period. The dig site has led to several new discoveries and tells the story of events that occurred over 360 million years ago. Make sure you visit the Age of Fishes Museum while you are in town.